Matetsi Victoria Falls

Words Mike Garden

Images Matetsi Victoria Falls

Infinity Pool

“Imagine a scene where you can sit alongside one of the widest rivers in Africa on a hot day with clear blue skies and the air conditioning soundlessly cooling your large, well-appointed suite. Then, add in an infinity pool enhancing your view of the mass of water flowing slowly down to the mighty Victoria Falls some 40km away. A crocodile slips lazily off of the sandbank on the other side of the river and a tigerfish leaps to the sky a little way off”

Siesta Spot

“One of the most important, yet often neglected, aspects of a holiday is finding time to have a completely relaxed “deep sleep”. At Matetsi Victoria Falls you are so far removed from the madding crowd – no need to hear that noisy car speed past your room or be on half alert in case a needy burglar has chosen your home to visit. You will hear the sounds of the wildest Africa with owls hooting nearby; hippos snorting in the early morning; and the cackle of a hyena sneaking up on a recent lion kill.”

Think of everything you have ever dreamed of having in your bedroom and I am sure you find the best example of it in these luxurious bedrooms: extra-long king size beds with the most comfortable pillows; fine gauze windows and door frames to keep all the irritating insects out in the wild and well away from buzzing around your ears; resplendent lounge chairs allowing you to spend time browsing through the awe inspiring hard covered books with some of the best photography you will ever see.

Bath in Paradise

“In the heat of the day you take a cold shower in the enclosed area with Acacia trees in full leaf shielding you from the intense rays of sunlight. Later in the afternoon you wander over to the bathroom and start filling the large oval bathtub with hot water and the best smelling bath salts. Then, a quiet gin and tonic sundowner sitting on the verandah waiting for the hot water to absorb the right quantity of salts to give the most relaxing 15 minutes of mindfulness. Then you lie peacefully in six inches of soapy suds breathing it all in.”

Dining Out

“After a long early morning game drive with sightings of most of the Big Five, one generally has a long slow breakfast seated outdoors filling one’s belly with just about any type of brunch you can imagine. The tables are set up with the finest cutlery and crockery – even wine glasses for those that are not worried about what the outside world thinks of their debauchery. As the well-known saying goes: Every-thing in moderation. Okay then I will have another piece of that delicious bream fillet “

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