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Embracing Urban Luxury

My Interlude at Miombo Mews Article Rudo Nhamoinesu Images Miombo Mews After an exhilarating safari adventure in the untamed landscapes of Hwange and Namibia, my journey led me to a hidden gem in the heart of the city of Victoria Falls – Miombo Mews Holiday Apartments, located just 1km from the Victoria Falls rainforest. This […]
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Victoria Falls Safari Lodge’s Vibrant New Look Celebrates Zimbabwean Hospitality and Culture

Victoria Falls Safari Lodge’s new look, following the completion of a refurbishment of its rooms and central areas, pays homage to Zimbabwe with its vibrant colours celebrating both the warmth of local hospitality and the Ndebele culture. Africa Albida Tourism (AAT) director Ross Kennedy said the refurbishment, which showcases the work of local artisans, was […]
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The Stanley and Livingstone Boutique Hotel

“The air is filled with an aura of mystique, a subtle reminder of the legendary adventures of Dr. David Livingstone and journalist Henry Morton Stanley in the heart of Africa” Article: Rudo Nhamoinesu  Images: Stanley and Livingstone Hotel As I stood at the entrance into the grand hallway of the Stanley and Livingstone Hotel, I […]
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By Mornette Scott-Riddell It was during a short camping holiday with our daughter in Victoria Falls in August 2016 that we discovered a lifestyle that demanded closer inspection.  Besides the obvious main attraction of the magnificent Falls itself and the vast expanse of African bush which surrounded it, we noticed a permanent holiday atmosphere which […]
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Falling in love with the African way of life: Moving from Europe to Africa.  By: TheAfriDane, Katarina Olesen  Growing up in a classic suburban town where my school was around the corner, danger was learning to ride a bike without scraping my knees, and I have often encountered the question “Why Zimbabwe?”. If we haven’t […]
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Matetsi Victoria Falls

Words Mike Garden Images Matetsi Victoria Falls Infinity Pool “Imagine a scene where you can sit alongside one of the widest rivers in Africa on a hot day with clear blue skies and the air conditioning soundlessly cooling your large, well-appointed suite. Then, add in an infinity pool enhancing your view of the mass of […]
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Phezulu Guest Lodge Victoria Falls

Article and Images by Shannon Wilson Yellow flip flops, an orange comb, a blue comb, a photograph of marmite and bovril are framed and colourful woven baskets decorate the bar. On arrival, Simba offers me a blended cool fruit juice, its brightness contrasting with the iridescent blue pool outside. Having opened on 1st August 2018, […]
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Elephant Hills Resort: Victoria Falls

Article and Images by Mike Garden I have spent many a night at the Elephant Hills Resort in Victoria Falls: Sometimes it was just for a weekend away from the big city; on others to attend a week long, work related conference. The most enjoyable times were, however, when we came up to play golf […]
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Elephant Camp

WORDS SARAH LANGERMAN BEYOND THE BEAUTIFUL AND VIBRANT VICTORIA FALLS TOWN, AWAY FROM THE HUSTLE AND BUSTLE OF TOURIST CROWDS LIES ELEPHANT CAMP A LUXURY tented affair nestled in the Victoria Falls National Park, it is close enough to visit the attractions of the town during the day, and yet return to the serenity that […]
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5 Hidden Gems at Victoria Falls Safari Lodge

By Sarah Kerr Photography supplied by Africa Albida Tourism If  you have visited Victoria Falls before or researched  a  trip  to  this  particularly  scenic natural wonder you may have heard of the Victoria Falls Safari Lodge. The esteemed lodge is famed for its nightly ‘Boma – Dinner & Drum Show’ which is often cited as a […]
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The Falls-not just an adrenaline pumping destination!

Photos and article by: Lesanne Dunlop A mere 5 kilometres from the centre of town, the Park is an absolute must-see experience. Teeming with game and boasting unbelievable birdlife, it’s a wonder that this Park isn’t inundated by people, but that is the absolute beauty of it! The National Parks fees are very reasonable: $5 […]
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Pamarah Lodge Vic Falls

Hi All Phil Scott Riddell was, until recently, a highly qualified commercial pilot with 30 years of airline and business corporate flying experience. He visited many different countries worldwide during his flying career, resulting in him overnighting in hotel accommodations boasting a large variance in standards. In 2016 Phil and his wife, Mornette relocated to […]
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