Issue 30


 Dear Adventurers,

Someone recently asked me what drives my passion for travel, this question was followed by an hour-long conversation, animated by the zest for exploration that lies at the heart of every traveller. To me, travel is more than a mere change of scenery—it’s the exhilaration of setting off towards the unknown, be it an avant-garde destination, a quaint hotel, or a remote campsite. It’s the eager anticipation of untouched beauty, the scent of fresh, unpolluted air, and the promise of stories yet to unfold that I eagerly gather to share with you, our cherished readers.

Travel, in its essence, is the revealing of new worlds, cultures, and infinite possibilities. It’s a profound journey that encompasses learning about diverse customs, engaging in wildlife conservation efforts, and savouring the myriad flavours of global cuisines.

Now, I pose a question to you: What does travel signify in your life? Your stories inspire us, and in the spirit of enlivening experiences, I trust the year 2024 has been nothing short of remarkable thus far. For those who haven’t been able to venture out, fear not—we are committed to bringing the world to you with enthralling stories through our pages.

So, fasten your seatbelts as we embark on Issue 30, with pages full of adventures and discoveries. Join us as we explore the beauty of Gonarezhou with Mike Garden, and immerse ourselves in the noble legacy of Arabian horses alongside the Swales. Discover the unparalleled charm of Miombo Mews holiday apartments in the majestic Victoria Falls, epitomising the pinnacle of getaway living.

In our unwavering dedication to wildlife protection, we spotlight the poignant journey of two orphaned elephant calves with Game Rangers International, navigating their path towards rehabilitation. Meanwhile, the Okavango Delta buzzes with life, as Lauren Dold introduces us to a cheetah supermom—a story not to be missed.

It is with immense pleasure and pride that we present this issue, crafted with dedication and a shared love for our continent’s wonders. Your continued support is the wind beneath our wings, and for that, we are eternally grateful


Nzira Travel Zimbabwe was launched in 2012, and there’s a wealth of information in our archive. Much of our content remains timeless. Explore all available issues here.

Issue 30

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