NZiRA Travel magazine is a celebration of all that we love about the world’s most exciting country Zimbabwe. Published bi-monthly, we draw on the insight and experience of travel experts, writers, photographers, conservationists and travellers to provide inspiration and advice to help you plan your future trips, whether you are new to Zimbabwe or have already fallen under its spell. With the turn of every page, discover something new about Zimbabwe’s diverse attractions, wildlife and culture, immerse yourself in safari life – and connect with those unforgettable moments that touch the soul and make travel to Zimbabwe so gloriously addictive.

Issue 22


The year 2022 is coming to an end with the holiday season, and our hearts are overjoyed. We are grateful for this year, which has witnessed a return to normalcy in the travel business and the relaxation of travel restrictions throughout the world, bringing back foreign tourists and expanding local tourism. There are several reasons to be appreciative in the tourism industry. In addition to the airlines that presently operate our current routes, we have seen the entry of new airlines such as Mack Air, Qatar Airways, Lufthansa’s Eurowings, and Airlink. This has increased accessibility to Zimbabwe and its area, promoting great locations in both our country and the region. There have been successful travel exhibitions, most notably Africa’s Eden in Victoria Falls; additional conservation work is being done; many camps and hotels around the country are undertaking significant refurbishment projects to ensure your stay is nothing short of amazing! 

We’d like to give you our final issue of 2022 as a present. We’ve put together articles, that will hopefully encourage you to schedule that last-minute Christmas holiday/day visit with your loved ones, perhaps to Gonarezhou? Stacey Coleman shares her Gonarezhou diary with us, and every paragraph will make you want to pack your bags as soon as possible. Through their intriguing article, Wild is Life opens its doors and takes us to their sanctuary, where we are welcomed to wander on the wild side and learn about conservation. This issue’s photographer is Zimbabwean icon James Hughes, or “Zimbo With A Drone,” who shares his remarkable drone photography. And, of course, what is Christmas without turkey ChefOnDuty provides a simple and delicious meal that is guaranteed to wow! And, when you make your resolutions for 2023, may TRAVEL be at the top of your list! I would like to wish you and your loved ones a Merry Christmas and a Glorious 2023 on behalf of myself, Mike Garden our publisher, and the entire crew!


Nzira Travel Zimbabwe was launched in 2012, and there’s a wealth of information in our archive. Much of our content remains timeless. Explore all available issues here.

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