NZiRA Travel magazine is a celebration of all that we love about the world’s most exciting country Zimbabwe. Published bi-monthly, we draw on the insight and experience of travel experts, writers, photographers, conservationists and travellers to provide inspiration and advice to help you plan your future trips, whether you are new to Zimbabwe or have already fallen under its spell. With the turn of every page, discover something new about Zimbabwe’s diverse attractions, wildlife and culture, immerse yourself in safari life – and connect with those unforgettable moments that touch the soul and make travel to Zimbabwe so gloriously addictive.

Issue 22


The start of the rainy season is always such a magical experience, from the soothing rain sounds to the sensational smell of the earth when the raindrops kiss the ground to the vibrant shades of green that begin to surround us. Many of us are thrilled to be entering this new season that comes with cooling rains and for some, it means better sleep! The rainy season in the African bush offers a different experience, from spectacular thunderstorms that bring with them great photo opportunities, new vegetation that springs up, and the seasonal pans that begin to fill up. It also marks the start of the birthing season, a great time to see baby wild animals while on safari, the rains allow them to give birth without fear of predators. It is a fulfilling experience watching a precocial baby animal stand on its feet and feed moments after being born! It is also an incredible time to spot animals such as the leopard and cheetah and if you’re lucky maybe a kill or two a day! 

Nature will bring you surprises, although you might fear the muddy roads, your expert guide will almost always be able to maneuver the Land Cruiser or Land Rover to ensure no obstacles get in your way- an interesting adventure to put your name down for! I’ve learnt to accept and adapt to every surprise nature brings, it makes for a more interesting safari experience and you will find so many delightful things throughout your day- I promise! With technological advancements being the order of the day in today’s world, we are excited to share with you an article on the first electric game vehicle by Thula Solutions. Ryan Moss, through his adventures, challenges us to have fun, do good and do epic for a worthy cause, our wildlife photographer Ralph Stutchbury graces our pages with his incredible story and exceptional imagery. As with each issue, we visited a few camps and we can’t wait to give you more options as you plan your December holidays, we also attended the Kariba Tournamentif you’re an avid fisherman- this one is for you! We hope you feel informed and entertained! Our December issue will be out in a few weeks, be sure to be in touch with us to contribute or advertise. From myself and the entire team, I would like to wish you an incredible and an adventure-filled November!


Nzira Travel Zimbabwe was launched in 2012, and there’s a wealth of information in our archive. Much of our content remains timeless. Explore all available issues here.


Issue 22


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