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Issue 20


Short winter days are upon us once again, a time when we swap our favourite summer outfits for thicker and warmer clothing, our ice-cold drinks are quickly replaced by hot beverages- Amarula coffee maybe? A time when the sunsets are spectacular, putting on a show with radiant colours that bring warmth to our eyes and souls. In the travel world, this marks the start of the dry winter season- a period when game viewing is excellent and the birdlife prolific! International travel to Zimbabwe has picked up with more and more tourist facilities welcoming guests after a quiet COVID period. This is exciting to see, and we celebrate the return of our international visitors and the easing of travel restrictions throughout the world. We also celebrate the introduction of a new airline- Kuva Air that services routes to Bulawayo and Victoria Falls and has recently introduced routes between Harare Kariba and Harare-Hwange, a very welcome development in the aviation and tourism world. In Zimbabwe, this winter season is a time when many pack up their families and travel to the Eastern Highlands where days are spent adventuring in the mountains and evenings cuddled up by the fire with a book in hand or a whisky to bring instant warmth to the body! 

For others, like myself, a trip to the warmer destinations is a must; Kariba, Victoria Falls, Hwange, Mana Pools, and Chirundu offer pleasant weather, making them the perfect destinations for camping, bush walks, guided game drives, and fishing while the cooler evenings make sundowners incredibly special! To warm you up this winter, allow us to take you on another adventure through our pages starting in the city of Victoria Falls, where the oldest activity, the Tram Ride, has been brought back to life and rebranded “Bamba Tram”. Holly Budge takes us along on her journey with the brave Akashinga women, while Shaun Read our wildlife photographer for this issue, talks about his journey, and shares his incredible imagery. Is the magazine ever complete without a remarkable Chef gracing our pages? The phenomenal Chef Genna Tozer shares her culinary journey and a recipe to surely get you cooking this winter! I would also like to welcome Hannah Rothwell to our team! We are excited to see what great additions she brings to the brand you have come to love! From myself and the entire team, we would like to wish you an exciting winter full of adventure!


Nzira Travel Zimbabwe was launched in 2012, and there’s a wealth of information in our archive. Much of our content remains timeless. Explore all available issues here.


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