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Ian Batchelor: An Unyielding Love Affair with Africa

In the heart of Africa, where the wild thrives and the soul seeks solace, a remarkable journey began. Born in the picturesque landscapes of Nakuru, Kenya, Ian Batchelor was raised amidst the stunning beauty of Africa. At the tender age of five, his family relocated to Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe), marking the inception of his passion […]
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Daka Plains Camp

Article: Rudo Nhamoinesu Images: Daka Plains Camp As we entered the park, and approached the camp, my eyes drank in the sight of the remote north-western region of Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe’s largest reserve, where Daka Plains Camp resides. A brief 40-minute safari transfer from Robin’s airstrip leads you to this unique destination. Nestled atop […]
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Wilderness Davisons Camp: A Symphony of Untamed Wilderness and Adventure

Article: Rudo Nhamoinesu “What a large herd of elephants and so many calves, I really don’t mind this roadblock!” We were brought to a halt by these magnificent creatures on our journey to Wilderness Davisons camp from the airstrip, my guide echoed my sentiments and excitement. Observing my delight, and once the “mothers” had kindly […]
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Unfenced, untamed, unforgettable

YOUR GUIDE TO AFRICA Article  & Images Wilderness Expanding the world’s wilderness Long before Africa was carved up into countries, before borders were established and fences were erected, the wildlife of the continent moved freely. Following the rain and ancient migratory paths in search of water and nutrients, great herds of antelope, zebra, elephant and […]
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Tourists flock back to Zimbabwe’s premier wildlife reserve

Article Luckmore Safuli As the heat baked the earth on a typical post-winter Hwange afternoon, a group of tourists leisurely sip wine from their glasses while gazing at a spectacular trooping of wild animals converging for a soothing drink. The idyllic outback, Mandabvu Camp, is situated in a specific location of Zimbabwe’s iconic national park […]
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The Significance of Sound and Music in African Culture

Article Wendy Ngcobo Images Wilderness Since the beginning of time, music and dancing have played a vital role in people’s ability to communicate and celebrate events, with an array of sounds announcing important ceremonies. In Africa, music is a social activity in which almost everyone participates. Music highlights African values, with various traditions accompanied by […]
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Wilderness Little Makalolo

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, where the golden sun stretches its warm embrace across the vast savannah, there lies a hidden gem that breathes life into the wildest of dreams. A place where the whispers of adventure and the call of the wild unite to create an enchanting symphony of […]
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Winter In Hwange

Article and Images Hannah Rudland Prior to booking this holiday, I considered a lot of different places around Zimbabwe that would allow for a two night adventure for two. Considering neither of us had been to Hwange, we decided this was the perfect time to scratch it off the bucket list. I had always seen […]
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Article by Mike Garden As our small plane descended onto the Manga airstrip, we noticed a couple of elephant siphoning cool clear water from a pan which was being filled by a solar panel operated borehole.  The journey from the runway to Somalisa tented camp in Hwange National Park, takes about 25 minutes through teak […]
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Hwange Safari Lodge

Hwange Safari Lodge In the late 70s and early 80s there used to be a Super Six Holiday special where one could fly with Air Zimbabwe from Harare to Hwange, Victoria Falls and Kariba spending two nights in each place. These trips were popular for both locals and tourists staying overnight at Hwange Safari Lodge, […]
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