The Phillips on Safari

Article and Images by Sophie Phillips

“The world sees the Safari industry through the lense of photographers, agents, guests and everyone in between. It paints pictures of what it is like ‘going the safari’. We paint a slightly different picture. We are the people creating Safaris. We are the people working in the camps, baking the cakes, taking the game drives. We are the Phillips on Safari.” – Sophie Phillips

Anthony and Sophie grew up in Zimbabwe, wiggling their way through life until they met and got married in 2022. Anthony is a qualified Learner Guide within the Zimbabwe Hunters and Guides Industry. Sophie has a bachelor’s degree in international business and had worked in industries far from the Safari industry. However, marrying a guide changes everything. They decided in 2022 that working apart was not ideal for the next few years. Life is the bush together is a joy and a challenge. Not only are you looking out for one another in your marriage but looking after each other’s wellbeing in the bush. Every day is different, with elephants bursting water pipes, to all you food being eaten by hyenas. Each day presents a new challenge and keep it exciting. However, what is certain is that watching the sunset with a Gin and Tonic or showing someone their first wild dog is an experience like no other. Showing our country and our animal to people from around the globe allows us to express a little more of our country. Guests come from all over the world, speaking different languages, but all with the same goal, to experience the bush. Meeting all of these guests is like travelling the world without every leaving. We have made friends for life through this industry.

The Phillips on Safari started as a little hobby and a way to capture the moments of joy that go along with working in the bush. However, as days went on and the season got hotter, creating safari content for others became the joy. Capturing these moments and sharing it filled a gap that Sophie wasn’t quite sure was there. However, it is completely a team effort. Anthony films much of the content, being out on game drives and seeing the beautiful places and spaces that Zimbabwean National Parks have to offer. The content that comes out of our page is raw, it’s what our days look like. We love being able to share these experiences especially with Zimbabweans that have left the country. Our page is a way for Zimbabweans abroad to feel a little more at home, to reconnect with their roots.

Ant and Soph have been in Mana Pools for the last 2 seasons. They have sat with the wild dogs, walked with the standing elephants and explored the Zambezi River. Mana Pools has been the most picturesque place for the start of The Phillips on Safari. They have fished off the banks for tiger fish almost everyday for the last 2 years, it has been magical. However, Ant and Soph have decided on another adventure…Hwange. They have joined the team at Hwange Bush Camp and couldn’t be more excited. Hwange boasts a completely different scenery to the Zambezi Valley. Vast open spaces, elephants in their thousands, savannah grasslands, and a different variety of flaura and fauna.

Hwange Bush Camp “Hwange Bush Camp is an authentic 7 tent bush camp situated in the remote northern region of Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe. The Robins Area of Hwange National Park offers guests incredible safaris with scenic diversity with huge open grass lands, natural springs and water points – and best of all, you will have the area pretty much to yourself.”

Hwange Bush Camp is owned by David and Antonette Carsons, a family run business with Dave being the Head Professional Guide in camp.

We are so excited to be working under the guides at Hwange Bush Camp, Dave Carsons and Spike Williamson. They have years of knowledge and experience under their belt and Hwange has become their home.

The future of The Phillips on Safari

Many people have asked us what the future holds for us. There are many steps in the guiding industry, with the main goal being to qualify from a Learner into a Professional Guide of Zimbabwe. Once Anthony has passed this final exam, it opens so many opportunities. Although we are unsure of what camp or image our life will be post qualification, we are certain that the Phillips on safari will continue. Hopefully with some smaller Phillips’ coming along on all of these adventures…

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