Mya in Wild Land: The story of a 4 year old girl loving and living all of our dreams.

Article and Images Chanyn-lee Zeelie

Mya Zeelie is a spirited 4 year old safari guide, living at the beautiful Royal Malewane in the Greater Kruger National Park, South Africa. You can say it is was written in the stars to live a life out in the wilderness as both her parents are incredibly passionate about nature and are qualified, professional field guides with more than a decade of experience living and breathing the African bushveld.

Mya grew up in the northern parts of Kruger National Park bordering Mozambique and Zimbabwe, along the banks of the marvellous Limpopo River. Here, she could enjoy absolute freedom and learn to explore all the natural wonders of the world… Ancient, gigantic Baobab trees would tower over her as she learnt to walk beneath them. She learnt how to speak between fantastical Fever Tree forests as the wonderful Makuleke people were always there to guide her, together with her parents.

Mya went on game drives throughout her life, from as early as 2 months old. It was a time for adventure and fun! Soon, Mya found herself eagerly dressing up as a ranger and telling her “guests” all about the animals, flowers and trees. Her parents quickly noticed her clear passion and adoration for sharing her stories and that is how “Mya in Wild Land” began…

Mya’s personality shines through as she shares her love and enthusiasm for her favourite things in nature. Mya in Wild Land is a way of spreading that joy and passion for nature’s fauna and flora with everyone around the world!

Her videos have gained momentum across social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram as people enjoy the refreshing, wholesome content that cannot help but put a smile on your face.

We can’t wait to see what Mya shares next with us and how she grows up, changing the world, one video at a time.

We hope you love and learn about nature with Mya in Wild Land!

Stay Wild!

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