When you’re looking for a short escape but want to experience luxury, recharge and refined hospitality, African Sun has the perfect solution.


Mental breaks

Move your body

Eat good food

Stay away from electronics

Connect with your loved ones

Monomotapa Hotel and Holiday Inn, Harare

If you’re in Harare and the hustle of the city starts to overwhelm you, check into any of the African Sun hotels for a quick Rest and Relaxation escape. Learn to treat yourself to a luxurious break every once in a while and practice some self-care. It’s even better if you’re already in the city because you don’t have to worry about transport costs. Once you enter Holiday Inn or Monomotapa Hotel you are engulfed in a blanket of importance. You don’t have to travel miles away to feel like you’re on holiday. Practice some mental exercises knowing that the busy world is just outside but you’re protected in the walls of peace and tranquility thanks to the African Sun care. When you finally return to your everyday routine, you can always use your memories of your African Sun retreat as a way to calm your mind and deal with the stress. Visualise your mind as the hotel; calm, peaceful and relaxed while everything happening around you is the buzzing of the city. Powerful and effective mental exercises made tangible with African Sun.

Caribbea Bay Resort, Kariba

This is the best architecturally designed master piece to give you the best escape experience. The shoreline of the Kariba Lake gives this resort a truly Mediterranean feel. Not only is this a testament to luxury but Caribbea Bay also gives visitors an easy escape from the landlocked character that Zimbabwe is known for. It won’t be hard to put the electronics down and spend some quality time with your loved ones. Nothing reenergises the mind as a reminder of what you’re working for and when it’s over return to your work with a heightened sense of focus.

Troutbeck Inn Nyanga

Organise the best teambuilding experience for you and your team with a trip to Nyanga. Combine the pleasure of business with the polished “country club” ambiance found at the Troutbeck Inn. One of the best ways to recharge is through activity and this inn has the best facilities to give you just that. Right by a lake where you can trout fish, play some golf. Enjoy the swimming pool or, if you wish, hit a ball on the tennis, volleyball or squash courts. Whatever you need to bring your team together and create the best team dynamic is readily available at Troutbeck Inn. The Eastern Highlands provide the best location to make sure your team is recharged and ready to work efficiently.

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