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Swales Arabian Stud Foal Morning

Article: Trish Swales History has been made in Zimbabwe with the birth of our Arabian foals. Conceived through artificial insemination, this is the first time in Zim that the process has resulted in a successful pregnancy done by breeders themselves, within the Arabian breed. We had been inspired to use this method as it is […]
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Fashion on Safari

Article and Images Philip Weiss (environmental author, producer and education consultant) Africa has become a huge dumping ground for second-hand clothes from Western countries. Such fabrics containing artificial fibres eventually end up in landfill. Mutare brings in bales of clothes from Mozambique for a small cost. These second-hand clothing imports disintegrate over time and microfibres […]
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A Culinary Odyssey: Amanzi@Amanzi

Article: Rudo Nhamoinesu Images: Amanzi@Amanzi As the African sun began its descent, painting the sky with hues of gold and crimson, we found ourselves making our way towards the enchanting Amanzi@Amanzi restaurant. Set in its new location at the esteemed Amanzi Lodge and nestled amidst lush landscapes, this culinary gem promised an evening of unparalleled […]
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A Hidden Gem: The Armadale Boutique Hotel, Harare

As a city that beautifully melds the ancient and contemporary, Harare, Zimbabwe’s capital, is a place teeming with wonders. Nestled in the heart of this vibrant city, the Armadale Boutique Hotel is the epitome of luxury and hospitality. This exquisite retreat, boasting an alluring blend of classic elegance and modern comfort, sits in the tranquil […]
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Exploring Darwendale

Article and Images Rwendo Life One of our goals, as a couple, is to explore the African continent while taking plenty of weekends away around Zimbabwe as often as we can. We have discovered that there are many unpopular but amazing places that are yet to be explored and we are excited to experience them […]
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When you’re looking for a short escape but want to experience luxury, recharge and refined hospitality, African Sun has the perfect solution. BEST WAYS TO RECHARGE Mental breaks Move your body Eat good food Stay away from electronics Connect with your loved ones Monomotapa Hotel and Holiday Inn, Harare If you’re in Harare and the […]
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Road trip – Harare to lake Mutirikwi

Article and Images by Debbie Swales Having left Harare at 7am, we embarked on a journey that would be good for the mind, body and soul.  It would take us through parts of Zimbabwe so rarely seen and shamefully, some had never ever seen before. Our first port of call, just two hours South of […]
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