WILD RIVERS and WATERFALLS AT FAR and WIDE in Nyanga1 min read


Zimbabwe offers some of the best white water rafting on the planet. While the Zambezi River provides the ultimate in high volume rafting, the Eastern Highlands boasts an equally thrilling white water rafting and kayaking experience for the intrepid tourist in search of adventure!

FAR and WIDE Zimbabwe has pioneered white water river rafting and kayaking activities on the low volume rivers of the Nyanga and Honde Valley regions and offer five different trips.


There’s no need to wait until you are 16 to start your white water rafting career.  Unlike the Zambezi, rafting on the Pungwe River is suitable for all ages.   The particular stretch used for our family groups consists of a series of fun-filled and challenging rapids between pools.  The excitement and joy of rafting low volume rivers such as the Pungwe comes from successfully navigating your raft between boulders and down steep drops and over waterfalls. You’ll also drift gently down beautiful sections of calm water where you can swim alongside your raft or enjoy the riverine vegetation and bird life.  Trips are run every day during the season which starts and ends with the summer rains in Zimbabwe.

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