Travel App of the Month1 min read


In the not-quite decade since smartphones came onto the market, developers have come up with an enormous amount of apps, designed to make your travels easier.  No longer do you need to bury your face in a map to see where you need to go, or bring a bulky encyclopaedia with you to identify a paw print outside your tent, there are apps which do all the work for you. Every month we will list the best travel apps on the market which are innovative, useful and helpful, and which will perhaps make you see travelling in a totally different light.


With iTrack Wildlife you can now work out who made those paw prints outside your tent while you were sleeping!

iTrack Wildlife Pro is the most comprehensive digital field guide to animal tracks ever made. Whether you’re a naturalist, a hunter, a nature lover, an outdoor enthusiast, or a wildlife biologist, you will find iTrack Wildlife to be a terrific companion on your outdoor adventures. While the simple and intuitive design make this app accessible to the novice, the wealth of accurate information and powerful search tools will appeal to experts and wildlife professionals.

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