Top 3 water bodies in Zimbabwe2 min read


For the best getaways to bring relaxation and rest, a good water body will help you get the best out of nature.

Providing a home for some species while being a quench-reliever for many land animals, water washes the soul with much needed peace and reenergising. Here are some of the best water bodies you can find in Zimbabwe.

Lake Kariba

Kariba houseboat trips are experiences that leave a mark on anyone’s soul. The wildlife surrounding the water is a privilege to witness from the boat. The sunsets paint a marvelous hue of colours on the water. For the best routes our March/April 2019 issue provides you with Captain Chuma’s Idyllic Route

Zambezi River

The Zambezi River is the main attraction of the Victoria Falls, with the water cascading down and showering the spectators in a mist, but when one is on a boat cruise the last thing on their mind is the sunset. It is easy to spot numerous game from the boat and that is the part that always steals every visitor’s heart.

Mutorashanga Quarry

After a long drive you need a place to rest and this is the best place to do just that. The pool is quite breath taking, quite an awesome place to relax. A road trip is a must and you can carry with you a cooler box, a gas braai stand and swimming attire. There are spots where you can jump from, so if you want to show off your diving skills, Mutorashanga is the place to do so. Isolated and away from any noise, this attraction is fitting for the summer.