Tents: An Alternative but Convenient Accommodation3 min read


My friends and I have always wanted to go on a holiday as a group. Every time we sit down to discuss the travel arrangements, we have always been stuck on the accommodation budget. (we seem to get stuck regards accommodation) This has always proved to be the most expensive for us, and we never get to agree on settling for an expensive hotel at the expense of activities. The activities always bring out the fun in a holiday tripWhen I had an interview with Bigsky on tents, my mind was opened to see better opportunities of travelling non stop at my own accommodation convenience using tents. .( My interview with Big Sky on tents opened my eyes and made me realize I don’t have to spend an arm and leg just to have a phenomenal travel experience)



There are different types/ categories of tents. Before buying a tent, the buyer needs to consider how the tent is going to be used, where it is going to be used and the number of users. One also needs to determine if canvas or polyester is the best fabric. Ripstop canvas is more durable, sun resistant and baboon resistant in Mana pools. However, polyester is lighter and easier to handle.



The largest type of tents is called a family tent. This type of tent looks like a small home. It has an apex roof with vertical walls to give it the structure of a house. It also comes with fitted carpets and room dividers to give it the comfort of a home. It is also spacious and comfortable for a large number of people. The family tent is typically used for lengthy stays and it is suitable for large numbers of people. However, it is heavy and takes time to erect. An ordinary person may not be able to do that. It needs a few hands to be able to mount it.



The most common type of tents are dorm tents/ bar tents. A dorm tent accommodates between three to six persons. It is medium sized. The dorm tent is easy to assemble. It is easy to stow for travel and it is also inexpensive.The dorm tent is ideal for a minimum of one or two night stays and for smaller groups of people.


The smallest category of tents are the adventure tents. These are typically low profile tents which are suitable for one to two persons. Adventure tents are weather resistant, they come with strong alloy poles and they are compact and light for stowing in back packs. These tents are mainly used for hiking and mountain climbing.


One very popular type of tents is the rooftop tent. This type of tents is used for mounting on top of vehicles or trailers. Their advantage is that they lift the sleepers off the ground in wildlife areas. They are also usually quick to assemble and collapse. They are mainly used by people visiting the wildlife areas – Mana pools, Zambezi valley, Gonarezhou. The disadvantage of rooftop tents is that they must be collapsed every time the vehicle has to move.



Apart from assessing the different types of tents and determine which type to get, here is what the buyer should look for when purchasing a tent;


  1. Quality zips
  2. Strong tie down points for pigs and garops
  3. The seams should be water proof.
  4. The tent should have a built-in ground sheet.
  5. Inner pockets for loose small items or convenience
  6. Look for a built-in attachment loop for suspending lights.
  7. In our climates, any tent purchased should be well ventilated (little air vents).