These Red Frogs Aren’t Poisonous!3 min read


By Kudzwaishe Chisveto 

A level break, famously known as “A breezy,” marks the beginning of the befalling of a dusky era, unemployment, but with dusk comes dawn, the dawn of a new era-the end of high school. The moment every child looks forward to from the moment they step into high school with their over-sized blazer and take multiple pictures with their parents. Well, at least I’m that child and I know I am not alone.

Despite the unemployed status and the scare of entering adulthood, our generation of high school – leavers has found ways, having endured the hardships of our final exams, to reward ourselves and live out our “best lives.” Though these ways have been deemed unconventional by the older generation and one of the most popular of them all, the 5-day Kariba House Boat Cruise for the A level and O level students.

Undoubtedly, A’and O’breakers have the time of their lives but kudos to a strong network, a group of volunteers, comprised of school-leavers and some university students, who give their time to working tirelessly to deliver life-saving pancakes, water and chocolate milks to keep hydrated and cleaning up while looking after the students who may go a little bit overboard while on the cruises. This support network is more famously known as “The Red Frogs Crew,” a volunteer non-profit organisation.

“We are really not there to ruin their fun or anything of that sort-we are just there to make sure they’re safe, cared for and have the emotional support they may need while they do so and perhaps inspire them,” said Rafe MacDonell, Red Frogs co-ordinator.

Famous to the students on deck and ex-A breakers is…THE PANCAKE.  “I may not remember most of my nights but if there’s one thing that lingers in my memory, it’s the pancakes.” Needless to say, I had to get my hands on the recipe of that indelible pancake!

Pancake Recipe 2.0

This is the NZiRA to making the Froggers’ Famous Fulfilling Pancakes:


  • Pancake mix
  • Bit of milk powder
  • Enough water


“…add water until it is the right consistency. We don’t really measure anything, you have to keep it simple…whoever is on duty has to make them”- Red Frogger

(Of course fry it!)

After all they do say “The best things in life are unplanned!”

So there you have it! You never have to taste another mediocre pancake again when you have got this bang-up recipe!

At the end of the whole Kariba trip, the students on-board were extremely grateful and this just goes to show how necessary and impactful the Red Frogs are. The Red Frogs not only help on the houseboats, but they are at clubs like Tin Roof, doing all they can to ensure that people enjoy safely.

It goes without saying that “Frogging,” as they call it, is not a stroll in the park, it requires dedication and knowing your way. It is not within anyones capability to be able to carry out these tasks alone or for a long time considering the constant work and support they are giving and try to squeeze in some sleep, which is why they have adopted an effective system. Shifts are allocated thus assuring they deliver their best.  But even with this, there will always be loopholes, so I had to ask, “How does one do it?” “If you can understand that we do it from a position of love and care, it becomes easy to understand how the hurdles were embraced and overcome,” said a Red Frogger.

The Red Frogs make it their mission to ‘provide a positive peer presence in alcohol-fuelled environments where young people gather, educate young people on safe partying behaviours, and promote and provide non-alcoholic and/or diversionary activities that engage young people in these environments.’

Red Frogs, for your tireless efforts and immense care for the community, we are eternally grateful.