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This is from a video some school students in Zimbabwe are working on to show the world and the entire reason they have put it together is because right after seeing the results of holistic management, they went to Mana Pools and they were so shocked at the state of it, so they have put this together after seeing what a simple change in management can do for the future of all wildlife: 

“2 weeks ago I was with my family in Mana Pools National Park in Zimbabwe. They are experiencing the worst drought they can remember. The animals are suffering and dying of starvation and thirst. 

My grandpa and I were driving back to our camp and we came across this tiny baby elephant. He was only a couple of weeks old. He was terrified and he was dying. We tried desperately to help him. My heart was breaking and there was nothing I could do to help him. We had to leave him there. It was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. He died later. He wasn’t the only one. 

And they are dying because of you.  

My heart is broken.

And most of you aren’t even aware that this desertification and these droughts are man-made. 

And it’s all getting worse and worse because you grownups don’t learn from your mistakes, or listen to new ideas. You’d better start, or we, your children, won’t have a future.”

We are the first school pupils in the world to be learning about Holistic Management.

It is a simple framework that offers anyone who uses it a new, comprehensive, way of making decisions and it helps you to check that before taking any action, you consider the potential knock-on social, economic and environmental consequences all your decisions come with. 

This is so exciting because, for the first time in history, grown ups have the opportunity to start reversing their mistakes. BUT, there is a big snag. Even though it is simple, it requires a fundamental change in how and why you automatically make decisions AND it asks you to open your minds and accept counter-intuitive new insights. Neither of these are things you adults are good at adapting to, or accepting. 

All human actions have always been, and still are, based on their needs, wants, desires, or to address problems. If only we could get you to stop doing that and learn to base all your decisions on one fundamental new reason: a holistic context. 

A holistic context is a profound statement that reflects everything you want out of life, including your most deeply held values, how you want your life to be and the behaviours that would bring that about, ensuring a better world, not just for today, but in the future, for many generations to come…always keeping in mind that your survival depends entirely on the health of your life-supporting environment. 

Your holistic context is not a “holistic approach” and it is not a goal, mission or vision because a context is not something to achieve…but something you operate within.

Holistic Management can be used by anyone, anywhere in the world. Individuals can use it to make a difference with their daily decisions, or Governments can use it to form National Holistic Policies.

And anyone who manages land is truly dealing with all social, cultural, economic and environmental complexity so they get to learn about animal impact and the holistic planned grazing process: a new biological tool that can be used, in the right situations, to regenerate land.

This process is already being used successfully on millions of hectares all over the world to reverse man-made desertification and save wildlife and the communities that live amongst them. 

And we have seen the amazing results of this with our own eyes. 

What disturbs us the most is that a Zimbabwean came up with this framework in 1984, so you could have started reversing desertification a decade before we were even born. But you did nothing and our generation are the ones who will pay the price. 

Stop blaming coal, oil and livestock for causing global desertification and climate change. Those are all natural resources so how can they possibly be to blame? Only your management of those things can be causing problems. 

You blaming any resource for causing damage is as ridiculous as Roger Federer blaming his tennis racquet when he loses a match. 

It is your management that places millions of animals in barbaric, inhumane, force-fed factories at great cost to our health, economy and environment. It is your management that calls fossil resources fossil fuels and burns them at a destructive rate.  

It is, without any doubt, your management and your management alone that has resulted in global desertification. And that desertification is causing all the disasters you are leaving us with today: droughts, floods, wildfires, poverty, poaching, social breakdown, extinctions, mass emigration to cities, violence and climate change. 

You have to understand that every decision you make always effects something else, because everything is connected – all people, plants, land, waters and animals. Trying to separate any of them like you do and manage successfully is no different to you trying to successfully manage the hydrogen in water on its own. 

Holistic Management will ensure that you always find the best actions or practices appropriate for your unique situation at any given time, because nowhere on earth will you ever find the exact same social, cultural, economic and environmental complexity being managed twice. 

If you don’t change the management that has got the world into this mess, you are leaving us with no hope of a future. 

How bad does it have to get before you actually do something? 

Greta Thunburg has the world’s attention, but we are offering the world a solution. 

So our question to you is, are you willing to accept and adapt to this paradigm-shifting, exciting new way of thinking that offers us hope for our future? Are you happy to just carry on as you always have and leave us to deal with a desertified, polluted, cruel, greedy, corporate-run world which will be full of unimaginable violence, death and destruction for all life?

Or are you going to ACT?