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NZiRA Travel Magazine Issue 14

We are pleased to inform you about the latest edition of our popular Nzira Travel Zimbabwe magazine! With our beautiful cover courtesy of Zambezi Valley Safaris. The theme of this issue is “Experience the Magic of Zimbabwe”, Zimbabwe is a beautiful country with magic all around! There is lots on offer forany budget and with the festive season fast approaching we share with you the magical spotswe found, from road trips, to camping, to adrenalin activities our 14th issue has a littlesomething for you.


As you start shopping for that perfect gift, allow us to share with you ourguide to the perfect gift for Christmas by Patrick Mavros. Let us take you on a road trip to thelargest national park in Zimbabwe, Hwange National Park where we share our experience at aniconic Safari destination -Robins Camp. From there we take on another adventure and embarka wonderous and educative walking safari in the Zambezi National Park led by Pro guide Paulof Shearwater, Victoria Falls. No trip is complete without an activity of sort, from hiking in theLower Pungwe to the Mutarazi Sky walk and Zip line the Eastern highlands present a perfectcombination of fun and relaxation.

This issue is fun-filled and packed with places and activities you can partake, a little bit for everyone! Why don’t you grab your digital or print copy today!