The Kopje’s Hidden Secret1 min read

Written By Bio Innovate

One of the stand-out features of Zimbabwe’s natural landscape are its stunning rocky outcrops and kopjes scattered across the country. Two of the most beautiful are Domboshava and Ngomakurira heritage sites, less than an hour’s drive from Harare.

Visitors to these ancient sites come to hike the lichen-covered granite rocks, marvel at the breath-taking views, and discover ancient San rock paintings, birds and animal life.

But many stroll right past one of its most fascinating features: the resurrection bush. For most of the year, this incredible plant appears to be just a bundle of dried or dead twigs sticking up from the shallow soil of the kopjes’ rocky crags and cracks. Don’t be fooled. With the coming of the rains each year the bushes’ twigs flush out a vivid green and cover the rock in feathery foliage. The resurrection bush is so aptly named that even placing cut, dried twigs in a glass of water will cause the plant to sprout its tiny green leaves within an hour or two.