Harare Hideaways4 min read

Written by Kudzwaishe Chisveto

With the increasing frenzy that surrounds teenagers and parties, Sam Levy’s and things of that ilk, it is imperative that I, as a lover of exploration of Zimbabwe’s exquisite touristic sites, share some of my recommended ridiculously riveting retreats, nearby-some of my Harare hideaways.

  1. Manna Resort

Now one may wonder, is it possible to have a resort in Harare that has the same effect as a Kariba Resort or any of those other far-from-the-capital-city ones? I thought so too until I went to Manna Resort earlier this year with a friend of mine. Entering the resort, we forgot we were in Harare. It is aesthetically pleasing and offers palatable and undoubtedly scrumptious meals prepared by great chefs like Chef Kudzi (namesake!) and gorgeous views of healthy shamrock-emerald green grass. Roaming zebras and the original makers of the catwalk, the majestic giraffes makes Manna Resort a must visit for me. It wouldn’t hurt to take a picture of two for the “gram.

  1. “Dombos”

If you are looking or maybe not looking, but wanting to please the inner-adventurous side of your soul, Domboshava Hills, more popularly known as “Dombos,” is the place to be. Situated 25km north of Harare city centre, give or take, Dombos is the place to fully engross yourself in nature and relax and watch the breathtaking sunset on your daunting, or ordinary day, whilst enjoying a drink or two and great laughs with friends or family, after all, it is the Sunshine City!

  1. Lake Chivero

Zimbabwe may not have beaches but Lake Chivero, a 16km long reservoir on the Manyame River, will sure give you a taste. The lake is a paradise for wildlife and, essentially, a paradise for you too. You needn’t travel all the way to Kariba, especially when your pockets disallow, as Lake Chivero gives quite the riveting experience. The” golden river” effect you find in Kariba can also be found at Lake Chivero as the sun sets. You can enjoy a braai, with some music playing as you jive and live out the night.

  1. Mukuvisi Woodlands

Looking for a game drive or a walk with a vast range of wildlife without having to plan a whole trip to Hwange National Park or Gonarezhou? Look no further. Mukuvisi Woodlands is right around the corner along Hillside Road in Harare. Mukuvisi Woodlands and environmental centre is awe inspiring. Being able to come close enough to the animals and marvel at their beauty is an experience and a half. This is not a zoo, so the beauty and naturalness of the animals gallivanting is totally untamed. With the aid of a professional guide, you’ll certainly leave knowing more than you did. They are there to address any questions or concerns. The vast range of animals there; gazelles, sables, eland, wildebeest, giraffes, you name it, can be found! This way you are not bored by the sight of the same recurring animals. I know the walks can be daunting, but Mukuvisi Woodlands and Environmental Centre provide picnic sites so you may break and re-energize! So grab a hat and some sunscreen and head on over to Mukuvisi and enjoy some time out with friends, family and ANIMALS!

  1. Raintree

A river runs through it, the greenery and forestry is too brilliant and magnificent for you to wrap your head around. This is Raintree. Raintree is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places I have experienced in Harare. The experience is remarkable! I remember going there for a wedding and I was blown away. In addition to the excellent accommodation, I was taken away by the nature. The river meeting the grass and trees almost dancing to the tune I was whistling, Raintree is the perfect place to be on a cool and uneventful day. This place has a certain je ne sais quoi.

They say the more you explore the less small you feel and I never understood his till I began exploring my own country when I could. The different experiences introduce you more and more you feel integrated with what is around you.  I would have written more, but I hope I have sparked some interest in you to do a bit of your own discovering what The Sunshine City holds. Don’t let distance prevent you from having a taste of that which is further, Harare has it too!