Gadgets for Braaiing2 min read


Nothing says holiday in the bush more than a scrumptious braai, whether you are braaiing at the edge of an escarpment in Hwange, on the banks of the Zambezi or in the cooler air of the Eastern Highlands. From a basic fire to a gas or charcoal transportable braai the main aim is just to have a delicious, safe and enjoyable feast without too much fuss or mishap. This month our Camp Comfortably gurus check out what is new in the world of braaiing.

Tonglite Braai Tongs

The Outdoor Store

$27.00 – $30.00

It is a shared experience, mouth-watering smells floating around the braai, the warmth of the flickering fire, a cold drink in your hand as you watch the sun disappear on the horizon. Your attention turns towards food and a feeling of nervousness envelopes you as you watch the “braai master” juggling tongs and a torch, desperately checking if the meat is cooked. Of course when it comes to steak this isn’t such a big problem but salmonella in the middle of the bush isn’t ideal.

With the Tonglite Braai Tongs you can avoid all this disappointment.  Ergonomically designed to suit all hand sizes, the elongated frame allows you to reach meat easily without charring your extremities! A warm LED light is mounted onto the handles which enables you to check your meat is cooked without using the light of your mobile phone or torch! For a happy, safe argument-free braai, the Tonglite is a must!

Basic Tonglite for $27 includes a torch and tongs.

The more superior Tonglite, $30 has a spatula for flipping meat, a knife, bottle opener, tongs and a scraper.

Egg Carrier

Big Sky


The first thing most people think of when they wake up in the bush is breakfast- particularly if someone in a neighbouring tent is already wafting heavenly smells of bacon and sausages your way! The hard case of this nifty egg carrier looks after your eggs so that the only time they crack is when you are cooking them in a pan! The egg carrier comes in two sizes, for six or twelve eggs.

For more fun, friendly braaiing gadgets please purchase Issue 2 of our Nzira travel magazine!