The Five Fun Fear Factor Activities For The Falls2 min read


Written by Rufaro Kaviya 

Whilst bungee jumping is a “can’t miss” and sky diving is a “must do”, we sometimes forget that there is so much more to a Victoria Falls holiday. For anyone seeking a thrill that may not cause your heart to fail or the tentative first steps to overcoming any fear, the Falls has it all.

  1. The Tribal Trap

If claustrophobia is an issue for you then the escape room experience probably won’t be high on your list of things to do. If not, then read on for the unique opportunity to challenge yourself and your group and overcome the curse of the witch doctor. In Zimbabwe’s first escape room with an added cultural twist, share the experience and solve your way to freedom within the hour.

  1. Canopy Tour

If it is heights you fear but thrill you seek the canopy tour allows you to ease into your own rhythm of control that can also prepare you for bigger scares such as the zip line and gorge swing. Over bridges, sliding through treetops and breaking through bush, the unique tour offers the incredible views from the Zambezi Gorge with a thrilling take.

  1. River Boarding

While you may be sceptical to try something new, or just of the water, river boarding on the Zambezi rapids will allow you to test your odds and your courage in a safe and controlled environment. With the opportunity to learn the basics before diving in, a boogie board and flippers will become the day’s best friend. This is also combined with rafting for certain parts that aren’t suitable for boarding.

  1. Gorge Hike

While it may just be a fear of hard work, going deep into the heart of the falls may be a bit of a physical challenge but the enthusiasm will make all the difference throughout the hike in the Batoka Gorge. Although fitness is not fundamental, the trek is that much more enjoyable when you are. The scenic views and the cooling sprays of the falls will only enhance your walk along the river and the opportunity to take it in.

  1. The Boma

While seemingly a lot calmer than the previous activities, the sheer sight of the amount of quality of food is exhilarating for any true lover and frightening for your stomach capacity. The culturally immersive experience offers dinner with a show of variety and heritage and the chance to leave with some new drumming skills to show off.