Exercises for when you Travel1 min read

By Judy Amira

It’s not easy to maintain your strength and flexibility whilst on holiday.  Some of the more remote destinations simply have no facilities to exercise.  Often your only space is your hotel room.  Here are a few exercises to keep you going.

Plank on elbows.  On your feet and elbows.  Hold your tummy in and keep your back straight.  Try to hold this position for 1 minute.

Side plank on one elbow.  Rest on the knee of the lower leg.  Hold your body in a straight line.   Try to hold the position for 1 minute.

Lunges.   Stand with one foot in front of the other quite wide.  Bend both knees into a lunge position keeping the weight even between both feet.  Then return to standing.  Keep your back straight.  Repeat 10 times on each leg.