Elephant Relocation: A 700km Journey1 min read

By Hemmersbach Rhino Force

Between August and October 2018, one hundred elephants were relocated from the Sango Wildlife Conservancy in the south-east of Zimbabwe, to the Rifa Concession in the Zambezi Valley more than 700 km away.
Hemmersbach Rhino Force is financing one of the largest wildlife relocations in the country’s history. This has been conducted in co-operation with the Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority together with the Sango Wildlife Conservancy.

“As too many elephants live in the Sango Wildlife Conservancy, we have decided to save their lives and protect them from culling,” says Ralph Koczwara, CEO of the Hemmersbach Rhino Force. “This Rhino Force funded and organized relocation project covers a distance of almost 700 km. The elephants have been relocated, in their family groups, in twelve separate operations.”

Their new home is the Rifa Concession, an 850 square km national park, located in the Zambezi Valley in northern Zimbabwe and operated by Hemmersbach Rhino Force. Ralph Koczwara welcomes the action as clear evidence of the success of direct action in nature conservation: “Hemmersbach Rhino Force is very happy to enable the relocation of the elephants. The move is only the first step. Our direct action mission in Zimbabwe is to return the black rhino to their natural habitat in the Zambezi Valley. This place is considered as the origin of the black rhino but almost all of the 2,000 that were living there in the past, were killed.”

To this end, the Rifa Concession was leased by Hemmersbach Rhino Force with an anti-poaching mandate for the entire Hurungwe Area. Now the few survivors can return together with many younger conspecifics to their homeland. All these returnees will be guarded by the Rhino Force special unit at all times.

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