Biltong by Billy  1 min read


Biltong is very personal – we all have our likes and our dislikes. Some of us like it thick and juicy; others prefer the tender thin cuts which melt in the mouth.  On the lake, in the car, around a braai, biltong is a staple in Southern Africa. Billy Mitchell, of Billy’s Meats, considered the Guru of ‘Tong, shares how to make this magical Southern African delicacy.                             

1)   Use good quality silverside, topside beef or venison. Cut into strips. The thinner the strips the spicier they will be and the faster they will dry. We like to cut our biltong 15-25mm thick depending on the weather.

Take a packet of Billy’s Biltong Spice and pour it into a tray long enough to accommodate your stick of biltong.

2) Lay one slice of meat on the tray and press down slightly so that the spice mix sticks to the underside of the meat

3) Now lie the biltong spice side down into a plastic dish large enough to marinate the entire batch you intend to make. Continue to do this until the bottom layer of the dish is covered by the biltong, spice-side down.

4) Sprinkle a mixture of 50/50 brown vinegar and Worcestershire sauce over the meat.

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