Antelope Park4 min read


Right in the heart of Zimbabwe, lays a place like nowhere else in Zimbabwe.  Early mornings are filled with the most spectacular views overlooking the dam; the afternoons are filled with the most thrilling activities. Night time is surrounded by the majestic roars of lions. Whether you’re looking for a romantic getaway, a break with the family, a camping adventure or a comfortable stop-over on your over landing adventure, Antelope Park has the perfect, exquisite, neat and intricate accommodation.

Antelope Park offers guests and day visitors an unrivalled selection of adventure, nature, and leisure activities to choose from. The night encounter is simply electrifying; one enjoys a lifetime experience of watching the lions practice their hunting and stalking skills – and maybe even making a kill!  I really enjoyed the walk with the lions, I could feel my heartbeat… every single pound in my chest and with every erratic movement the lions made, I would quickly move away, in the back of my head I knew these were wild animals. I was lucky to take the walk when the lions had just been fed so they were rather lazy and that gave us time to take many pictures. It’s an invigorating experience, it gets your blood rushing and at the end of the walk, you feel accomplished because, only the fearless walk with lions.

The African Elephants were quite a sight to see and having an interaction with them was one of my favourite experiences. They were very composed we almost forgot we were standing next to one of the largest mammals on land. Taking a walk with them, feeding them and watching them listen to instructions were really phenomenal. One is spoilt for choice with the amounts of activities offered, from horse riding to feeding lion cubs, to boat cruises and game drives.

The heart of Africa is signalled by a beating drum, at Antelope Park the beating of the African Drum signals meal time. All the guests wait eagerly for the beating sound, not only to watch the dances but because a scrumptious buffet meal awaits them. A delicious breakfast meal was served; the bread was fluffy and moist. The toast made a beautiful crunch sound. The wavy delectable, juicy bacon, turned out to be everything I wanted on a Saturday morning.

The lunch was served with the most divine steak; it tasted buttery and was unbelievably juicy. I’ve eaten a fair amount of steak, some of it good but none equal to the steak I had at Antelope Park. They also have their famous Sunday Pot Roast Lunch, braised beef, tender, succulent meat which is a perfect family meal.  The dinner commenced with a mouthwatering mushroom sauce which was accompanied by what my sister described as ‘The best buns on Earth’.  The desserts were a wild array of textures, the shattering airy crunch of meringue at the edges. The cake looked like a homespun and masterpiece. It was fluffy as a pillow and was simply appetizing. The food was simply pleasurable, flavoursome and very enjoyable.

Gweru is known for its crisp weather; every night at Antelope Park they light a huge bonfire, orange flames celebrated with their wild flickering dance. It’s just the place to share stories, roast marshmallows, and eat your meal while enjoying the warmth of the African fire

Antelope Park is not just a game reserve and lodge it also strongly believes in giving back to the community. Two interesting programs run by Antelope Park are the African Impact and the Lion Rehabilitation Programme.  African Impact is a programme where they get volunteers from all over the world.  This programme gives volunteers a chance to be a tourist, a traveller, conservationist and a humanitarian.  It entails giving back to the community while enjoying an African experience which is absolutely impressive.  The need to take action has increased as the lion population continuously decreases and therefore Antelope Park is running the rehabilitation and release into the Wild Programme. This has been a successful enterprise and is making a huge difference in our country.

From the time we arrived, we were given five-star world-class services. Antelope Park went out their way to ensure we had the best possible stay. If you need a break from the stresses and strains of Harare, go on a road trip and explore this magical place in Gweru.