10 Essentials to the Zimbabwean Experience2 min read

Written by Rufaro Kaviya

With preparation for travel comes a lot more to remember than making sure you have a passport and a place to stay, at least in Zimbabwe anyway. There’s always something you may forget but we’re here to help enhance your Zimbabwean experience.

  • With the daily living being an unending adventure, coming with an open mind ready to take in all the country has to offer is your best weapon in what will be your arson against the wilderness.
  • Health is always a number one priority no matter where you go. Be sure you’re up to date on all your jabs and if it does happen to be mosquito season, malaria tablets and repellent wouldn’t be the worst of ideas.
  • With your well-being in mind, carrying around a bottle of water or buying some is always a good way to battle the African sun and even a handy little first aid bag for the small bumps and scratches.
  • With your travels around the country, the necessities of a Visa card and small USD notes are unrivalled. Whether you use them for making smaller purchases as you go or in larger shops along the way, you’ll save yourself the trouble of trying to break the big notes.
  • Having a power pack and travel charger are always useful when it comes to travel anywhere but especially in Zimbabwe. The days and long, the drives hot and there’s no harm in an extra GPS at hand with the multitude of apps available
  • As you make your trip around the country, it can only be made easier than hiring a four-wheel drive car that provides the comfort and clearance to tackle the bush and the roads of the nation’s best
  • Being conscious of the weather can only help make for a more relaxed holiday. Pack light and pack comfortable if you’re Zim-bound.
  • Pre-book as much of your travel plans and activities as possible to save you time and maybe even money. If all else fails, inquire and budget!
  • The homely, welcoming attitude of Zimbabweans is indisputable. Travelling with and knowing a trustworthy local will make all the difference to your trip. From knowing the ins and outs of the country to being the friendly face that can negotiate their way through everything for you.
  • Not forgetting that every second you spend in Zimbabwe is an adventure, document everything. Your camera will never fail you, be it in a rare sighting of a bird or the startling view of the Falls.

Be it picking up a copy of Ndeipi Magazine and staying in the sunshine city or making the drive to the panoramic plains, nothing will be more worthwhile than doing so in Zimbabwe.